Alarm Clock With PixelArt Programmable

US $44.91 US $49.90
Alarm Clock With PixelArt Programmable
Alarm Clock With PixelArt Programmable
US $44.91 US $49.90

Alarm clock like Divoom Pixoo comes with a unique digital photo frame with pixel art programmable LED display, App controlled neon light sign for decor, and much more!

Overview of Alarm Clock With PixelArt Programmable :

Divoom Pixoo smart alarm clock will just blow your mind with its unique features! Unlike any other alarm clocks, Divoom Pixoo is programmable. Therefore, you can use it as your photo frame with pixel art of your choice.

Pixel art is the soul of Pixoo. You can easily create any pixel art designs with the Divoom free app. For this purpose, the App has a large community of Pixel Art lovers with whom you can share your creation and like, comment, interact with other pixel art lovers.

You can also use Divoom free app: “Divoom” to make use of the smart alarm clock’s total of 10 daily functions like –

        • Pixel Art
        • Text editor,
        • Smart alarm,
        • Sleep aid,
        • Notification,
        • Music visualizer,
        • Aura lighting 
        • Tools
        • Application
        • Online gallery 

All these functions in one alarm clock !!

Multiple Ways of Using The Alarm Clock :

  • Smart Alarm: Calibrated lighting achieves a better sleep. Cycle Customizable settings for modern life. Choose the most creative pixel art animation to wake you up.
  • Premium Home Decoration: The alarm clock is the same as a neon light sign. Pixoo definitely is an attractive home decoration as well. No matter you hang the alarm clock on the wall for time display or weather report or put it on the desk of your game room for accessory, it will always be an awesome indoor decoration.
  • Business Store Decoration: Wanna attract Pass-by’s eyes for your store? No matter in exhibition, shopping mall, or business activity, Pixoo Wall always be the most unique and attractive scenery. Who would ever thought that an alarm clock can be used for decorations?
  • Unique Personal Gift: Still looking for the perfect gift for your special one? Pixoo is your best answer with its versatile functions. You can surprise your loved ones with an alarm clock smart as never before. Even you can customize its display options for the special touch.

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Specifications : 

  • Dimensions: 200L x 200W x 30H mm
  • Net Weight: 532g
  • Output power: 3W
  • Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Voltage: 3.7 V
  • Charge Time: 3h hours
  • Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Charge: via USB cable, 5V – 1A
  • Wireless range: up to 10 meter/33 feet

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