Cake Mixer Kitchen Appliances Biolomix

US $79.65 - 107.73 US $295.00 - 399.00
Cake Mixer Kitchen Appliances Biolomix
Cake Mixer Kitchen Appliances Biolomix
US $79.65 - 107.73 US $295.00 - 399.00

Biolomix Cake Mixer Kitchen Appliances comes with 1200W electric motor, features a 4L bowl capacity, and has 6-speed settings to save you from the hassle of mixing ingredients. 

Overview of Biolomix Cake Mixer :

The Biolomix cake mixer’s 1200W powerful electric motor ensures a thorough mixing result every time and achieve superior performance. Meanwhile, the 6-speed level of the mixer allows you to set the right speed for kneading dough or whipping cream. In addition to that, its 3 mixing attachments ensure consistent mixing results every time. Last but not the least, its 4L bowl can handle large quantities of ingredients. This will save your time with a hands-free mixing experience.

Knead the dough, make bread, whisk the cream.

Features :

  • Knead the dough: The C-shape hook mixes and kneads the flour with 600g at most in one time, flour and water proportion 5:3
  • Powerful Motor With 6 Speeds: 1200W High-performance motor, 6-speed mixer for all your food preparation needs. It ensures perfect mixing results every time.
  • Attachment Set: 4L stainless steel bowl offers enough capacity. Multipurpose accessories are included: dough hooks, a flat beater, a wire whisk, and a splash guard which help you add ingredients without making a mess.
  • LED: Led blue light speed knob.
  • Tilt-head & Anti-slip Design: Tilt-head allows for easy access to the mixture. Anti-slip silicone suction cups make sure the machine steady when working.

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