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Infrared Thermometer-An Essential Products for Home Use

US $11.22 - 12.03 US $48.80 - 52.30
Infrared Thermometer-An Essential Products for Home Use
Infrared Thermometer-An Essential Products for Home Use
US $11.22 - 12.03 US $48.80 - 52.30

The best-selling non-contact infrared thermometer with quick and accurate digital readings gives you a super-fast and flexible user-friendly experience.

Overview of Infrared Thermometers: 

Do you dare to come in contact with a fevered person in 2020?

Your answer will always be a BIG NO. This year we all are trying to avoid human contact as much as possible. That’s why a non-contact infrared thermometer has become the most selling product of 2020.

Medical infrared thermometers are the most popular product in this COVID 19 pandemic. No contact infrared thermometer gun avoids direct contact with the skin. This makes the measuring process safer and healthier. It’s able to measure from 5 to 15 cm distance with high accuracy.

Do you still hold that old regular thermometer in your mouth and wait for the result?

We know your answer will be negative. We always want immediate results. So, this product is still there for you. You can measure temperature just in 1 second! It will shut down automatically after about 20 seconds, which plays a role in low power consumption without any operation.

Moreover, it’s a multipurpose product. Not only for body temperature, but you can also choose it for your home projects. It depends on the needs of your home and anything else you could imagine. You can find a “Mode” button to switch from Human forehead measurement to Object measurement.

Besides, it gives you both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. And also can use this to measure the temperature of various objects such as milk, water, or even room temperature.

And it’s so easy to use that a kid even knows how to use an infrared thermometer. Clear ambient display and operation buttons make the thermometer user friendly. The comfortable handle and the convenient size make it so portable; you can take it everywhere. Furthermore, unlike your old thermometer, it’s unbreakable, which gives you tension-free user experience.

Specifications :

  • Model Number: HY-216
  • Material: ABS
  • Item Type: Thermometers
  • Thermometer Type: Digital

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