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Electric Portable Water Kettle

US $32.99 US $32.99
Electric Portable Water Kettle
Electric Portable Water Kettle
US $32.99 US $32.99

If you are looking for the best portable water kettle, then this Xiaomi electric portable water kettle is the best one. Buy it and experience the best kettle.

Overview of Electric Portable Water  Kettle from Xiaomi :

Xiaomi quietly launched another product a few days ago the Mijia handheld Electric Folding Portable Water Kettle. This is the third product after Xiaomi’s brand Mijia launched rice cookers and table lamps. It has fast boiling, water temperature constant temperature control, and other functions. The key is that the price is as high as the US $27.42 – 28.42US, so why should it be so expensive? Worth not worth chopping, let’s explore below.

In appearance, this electric kettle still continues Xiaomi’s consistent unique design style. It uses a pure white food-grade PP material shell. Compared with the general direct use of a stainless-steel liner as a shell, the Mi appliances kettle adds an extra layer of plastic material. Cover, and there is a heat insulation layer between the liner and the shell, so the heat insulation performance is very good, effectively preventing hot hands.

A ring of polished stainless steel, silicone is exposed on the top of the shell, which is an extension of the inner shell. This design is clever use. With the embellishment of metal texture, the kettle is too monotonous.

Although the white body can be well-matched with various home improvement styles, after all, the electric kettle may be a relatively frequently used appliance, so the dirt resistance is not good.

The lid of the pot adopts a two-stage damping design. Pressing the button will slowly open the lid to 45 degrees, effectively avoiding the splash of water droplets. The lid can be manually opened to 90 degrees for easy cleaning.

The inner liner is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, with a capacity of 0.6L. The wide-walled straight wall design is not tiring to clean. The bottom of the inner liner also has a temperature sensor with an automatic power-off function when dry burning. When dry burning, the power will be automatically cut off to prevent accidents caused by overheating. This appliance size 180 * 194mm (front folding), 180 * 94mm (after folding), Voltage 220V 50Hz.

The way of using the Mi appliance kettle is not much different from other conventional electric kettles. It also works by connecting to the “base”. The bottom of the heating seat is designed for power cord storage, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation. What needs to be spit is that the power cord of the base is very short, which seems to be a common problem of many electric kettles.

From the price point of view, it is indeed a lot cheaper, but its value should be “expensive” with the water temperature constant temperature control function. It’s worthwhile to buy. If you only want to boil water, it’s enough to buy a few tens of dollars. However, if you use water for temperature comparison, High, for example, if there is a baby at home, you need the right temperature to make milk powder, make coffee, make honey, etc. This kettle is worth recommending, after all, the workmanship and materials are not bad.

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Features :

● Food grade silicone, no odor, safer than baby pacifiers.
● Through the EU RoHS, the US FDA test, drinking water without worry, my mother can use it with confidence.
● The body of the kettle is foldable, and the top cover can be folded down to reduce the size by 100mm, and the mini body can be thrown into the backpack/luggage for easy carrying
● The magic handle will be detachable and can be long or short. (Rotate the handle 90° clockwise for easy removal)
● Boil a pot of water in 7 minutes, and drink with health.
● 600mL can be used to make 3 cups of tea, travel/office, and single drink sharing is just right.
–Voltage: 220V-50Hz
–Power: 600W
–Capacity: 0.6L
–Product material: ABS/PP/304 stainless steel, silicone
–Size:180*194mm(Before folding), 180*94mm(After folding)


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