Gimbal for Mobile & DSLR Camera

US $179.55 - 204.35 US $267.99 - 305.00
Gimbal for Mobile & DSLR Camera
Gimbal for Mobile & DSLR Camera
US $179.55 - 204.35 US $267.99 - 305.00

Gimbal FeiyuTech G6 Plus is a handheld gimbal stabilizer (800g)  for a mirrorless camera having 3-Axis G6P, perfect for DSLR & smartphone.

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Overview of Gimbal for Mobile & DSLR Camera G6 Plus:

Gimbal camera like FeiyuTech G6 enables you to easily capture the entire field of vision. By connecting Wifi to a compatible device, you can control your device photography/shooting/focus/zoom/sensitivity/white balance/exposure value and switch between mode functions.  The gimbal also has an innovative build in OLED screen which shows specifications of gimbal and camera, working modes, battery life, Bluetooth connection, etc. This OLED screen will make your camera gimbal management easier. 

Moreover, you can use the gimbal’s rolling adjustment function to easily switch between your personal landscape composition of pictures. 

The gimbal has energy-efficient algorithms that combine with high energy density batteries. Because of this combination, the gimbal provides efficient and long-lasting battery life. Therefore, the running time can extend up to 12 hours. Also, the gimbal can take charge while shooting. So, no more power shortage when you need it the most

Lastly, Gimbal G6 plus comes with bigger motor torque which makes G6 work more smoothly with higher anti-shake performance and reduces redundant power. Nonetheless, achieving this performance is possible because of its iterative image stabilization algorithm which makes efficient use of the motor. Because of this low power consumption, G6 Plus performs more excellent!

Wifi connections to compatible device brands :

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Features of  Gimbal for Mobile & DSLR Camera G6 Plus:

  • Focus Ring: Use a magic ring to precisely control the zoom/follow focus of camera by connecting to Feiyu On APP; Using the magic ring to manually control the zoom/follow focus of mobile phone by connecting the Vicool APP; Precisely adjust the joystick location of panning, tilting and rolling motors.
  • Focus Ring: Control the zoom of camera/Control the follow focus of camera/Precisely control the pan-tilt three-axis/Function mode control.
  • Wifi+Bluetooth Connection: After connecting to Bluetooth and WIFI, G6 Plus can control the camera to adjust the focus, switch the shooting mode, select the resolution, etc.
  • Easy to Control Entire Field of Vision: Connecting WIFI to a compatible device to control the photographing, shooting, follow focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, white balance, exposure value, and switching mode functions of three professional camera brands and GoPro.
  • Rolling Button: Manual rolling adjustment function on the back easily switches the personalized landscape composition of pictures.
  • Extended Accessories: 1/4 inch threaded holes on the bottom and side, the body comes with 1/4 inch threaded holes that are compatible with all photographic equipment accessories with 1/4 inch thread on the market.

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