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Home Essential Endoscope Ear Pick Rod from Xiaomi Bebird

US $23.32 US $46.65
Home Essential Endoscope Ear Pick Rod from Xiaomi Bebird
Home Essential Endoscope Ear Pick Rod from Xiaomi Bebird
US $23.32 US $46.65

    Taking a gander at High Precision Endoscope Ear Pick Rod well, the moderation of this item rules, with a totally dark shading aside from a light blue ring at the highest point of the contraption.

    This is made of PC + silicone, so you don’t have to stress over harming your ears. It is outfitted with a shrewd directional gyrator with L around, 100Hz Micro Motion yield recurrence, 0.05-degree estimation exactness, 360-degree tendency acknowledgment, and supports wise remuneration calculations. It is conceivable to work with the tips provided and this item likewise permits a revolution to 360 °, inside the ear, in order to expel all the overabundance earth stunningly better. It has 17 mystery ear parts

    Activity is ensured by a 350 mAh battery which is energized utilizing the uncommon base provided, however, it isn’t clear how much the all-out self-sufficiency is. It’s 350mAh battery, bolster 1.5 hours quick charge, can be utilized for around two months by one charge. The alluring charging base can be charged by embeddings the ear picking bar on the base, which is useful to use. This ear pic can be found a workable pace offices LED with power from 300w and It has 17 ear parts.

    Bebird High Precision Endoscope Ear Pick Rod is right now sold at the cost of US $23.32.

    Table of Contents

    Product Parameters

    Product Name: Bebird High Precision Endoscope Ear Pick Rod M9 Pro

    Host Weight: 32g (Without Base)

    Network Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

    Antenna: Built-in FPC Antenna

    Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz

    Image: Transmission Rate 30fps

    Working Environment: Temperature -10~50 Centigrade Battery 350mAh

    Battery Life: Approx. 90 Minute

    Charge Length: 1.5h

    Input Current: DC 5V 300mA

    Inside Diameter of Lens: 3.5mm

    Optimum Focal Length: 1.5 – 2cm

    Pixel: 300 Million

    Gravity Sensor: 4 Axis


    • 300w High Precision Endoscope

    Easy to Dive into The Small Ear Canal

    • Four Axis Intelligent Directional Gyroscope

    Exquisite Ear Picking at Any Angle

    • High-Tech Wi-Fi Chip

    Fast Transmission

    • Lens Bore Only 3.5mm

    Designed for Children and People with Small Ears

    • Global Originality Q Ear Spoon

    Pleasure, Desire, Touch

    • Senseless Intelligent Temperature Control

    Super Heat Free and Human Body at The Same Temperature

    • 17pcs Secret Ear Parts

    • Innovate PC+ Silica Gel Q Ear Spoon

    Pinero Picking Ear Baby Doesn’t Hurt

    • Technology Is More Human

    Power on And Auto Connect

    • 350mAh High-capacity

    1.5 Hours Quick Charge Available 60 Days

    • Base Accessories Storage Box

    Easy Storage, Convenient Storage

    • Magnetically Charged Base

    Let Charging Become A Daily Farewell to The Trouble of No Electricity

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