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Best Intelligent Air Detector from Xiaomi

US $107.49 US $124.99
Best Intelligent Air Detector from Xiaomi
Best Intelligent Air Detector from Xiaomi
US $107.49 US $124.99

This is one of the Best Intelligent Air Detector multifunctional devices. This monitoring the state of indoor air. Check it out for your home or office use.

Overview of Best Intelligent Air Detector :

Intelligent Air Detector Clear Grass Air Monitor from Xiaomi Technology. The Intelligent Air Detector can quantify the present room temperature, mugginess level, molecule level PM 2.5, CO₂, and unpredictable natural substances levels. Showing the open-air temperature and climate gauge, just as the record contamination levels in the AQI area.

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Features of Best Intelligent Air Detector :

Xiaomi Mijia Intelligent Air Detector is made totally of metal (machined aluminum) and comprises of two sections associated together. IPS Retina screen 5.5 × 5.5 centimeters, goals 720 × 720 pixels, and the principle unit with hardware, battery, and sensors. On the top, there is solitary on/off the catch and at the back, there is a USB type-c connector for charging. The weight is 210g.
Over the screen is an unnoticeable light sensor. Under the screen, the longitudinal queue is the gap for air consumption, behind the USB gap for the exit. Base 4 silicone legs.

Phone app features

In the Intelligent Air Detector Clear Grass Air Monitor application, information from all sensors is displayed, and historical data is clicked. From the application, data can be uploaded to your mail in the form of an XLS file. A firmware update is available. The application issues notifications with recommendations because indicators are exceeded.

Advantages of Intelligent Air Detector

  • Full CO2 sensor

  • The high sensitivity of all sensors

  • Smart screen with high resolution

  • Can act as a watch + weather forecast

  • Can connect to smart home

Specifications of Intelligent Air Detector

  • Processor 1.2 GHz Quad-Core A7 (Rockchip RK3128 PX3-SE)

  • Embedded Linux OS

  • Weight 217 gr

  • Screen size 3.1 inches (screen resolution 720 × 720)

  • Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • Battery Type Li-ion Battery (2000 mAh / 3.7V)

  • USB-C Interface (Charging Only)

  • Power 5V, 1.5 A Sensirion SCD30 main sensor

  • MAGNETIC Features

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