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JBL Clip3 Bluetooth Speaker | Small in Size But Big Sound

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JBL Clip3 Bluetooth Speaker | Small in Size But Big Sound
JBL Clip3 Bluetooth Speaker | Small in Size But Big Sound
US $49.48 US $93.35

With shockingly good sound effects, the third generation of JBL Clip3 Bluetooth speakers can meet most of your daily mobile listening needs.

Overview of JBL Clip3 Bluetooth Speaker :

In June 2018, JBL Huancai, a remarkable high-consistency sound brand under the Harman Group. Shocking sound impacts. 10 hours of industrious playing time. An insignificant body that can be contained in one hand. The third period of the JBL CLIP3 Bluetooth speaker remote music box can meet most by far of your step by step flexible listening needs. Allowing music to move to any corner, whether or not it is close to nature or wherever. Most worth referencing is that with the redesign composed vertical catch fasten. JBL CLIP3 Bluetooth speaker can be helpfully held tight articles of clothing, belts, or backpacks to go with you on any outside experience. JBL CLIP3 remote music box 3 ages with 10 splendid shades.

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Features :

Design upgrade bright colorful

  • JBL CLIP3 Bluetooth speaker proceeds with the round state of the CLIP arrangement. Its cover part is flawlessly joined ​​with the fuselage. Just three projecting catches are trimmed on the front. The general appearance is smooth and perfect, and the activity is straightforward and helpful. It is ensured by improved solid fiber material and a strong elastic shell, which can serenely adapt to different experience exercises.

Clear audio upgrade

  • Little figure ≠ extraordinary sound? Considering the sound development that JBL has accumulated over 70 years. JBL CLIP3 Wireless Music Box 3 has achieved unadulterated sound quality in the limited size of the helpful sound. The sound of JBL CLIP3 is strong and normal. The bass is more flooding than the past age, and the objectives are worthy. Through Bluetooth spouting, JBL CLIP3 is also an incredible remote call contraption. The call speaker with an inborn racket and resonation clearing out advancement can be answered with a solitary tick.

Power upgrade joy continues

  • JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Music Box The three periods of JBL CLIP3 have in like manner upgraded their battery life. They can have up to 10 hours of playback time following 3 hours of charging, which is about 25% higher than CLIP2. The waterproof finished material and extreme flexible shell used by CLIP3 have come to IPX7 waterproof rating, which infers that it isn’t uncertain about any atmosphere condition, and can even be soaked in water for a brief time span without hurt! Summer is moving nearer. JBL CLIP3 merges ultra-helpful execution with dazzling sound quality to go with you to open your encounters and fearlessly check out splendid music. JBL CLIP3 has an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Product Features

  • JBL Clip3 Bluetooth Speaker remote music box, 10 new structure conceals, can in actuality fit various styles. IPX7 waterproof level, no dread of sprinkling in a tempest, even use in water. The speaker’s body fortifies Bluetooth 4.1 connection and AUX association. Worked in a 1000mAh battery-controlled atom battery, can play music for 10 hours determinedly. The trademark change and resounding intersection out advancement call mouthpiece, unquestionable voice call commitment is only one catch, weighs 220 grams.

Only a limited number of toys are available. So, hurry up!

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