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JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud

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JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud
JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud
US $$47.46

Among the world-renowned headphone brands, JBL is definitely one of the most well-known brands. JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud is the best in the market.

Overview of JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud :

As the trendiest earphone brand under Harman International, JBL has a very good volume in the trend circle. In terms of products, JBL has also launched the true wireless Bluetooth earbud, which is the JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud, which we will introduce today.

The T280 series is currently the most popular series of JBL. The previous T280BT neck-mounted Bluetooth headset has been welcomed by many users, and this time the JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud can also be seen from the name of the current split Bluetooth earbud. The most mainstream TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology alone is enough to make JBL T280TWS the first choice for split Bluetooth earbud for many people.

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Features of JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud :

TWS technology blessing :

What exactly is TWS technology? I believe that many friends still don’t know. TWS technology was first proposed by British chip manufacturer CSR. This company with GPS chip, Bluetooth chip, and other technologies as the core was awarded $ 2.5 billion by Qualcomm in 2014. Price acquisition, so CSR’s patented technology is owned by Qualcomm, which includes TWS technology.

TWS technology is a kind of Bluetooth technology for connection between the terminal equipment and audio equipment. In short, the mobile phone transmits the Bluetooth signal to the right ear headset. After receiving the signal, the right ear headset performs data processing and then transmits the signal to Left ear headphones to complete a complete set of Bluetooth signal transmission.

In 2018, Qualcomm also announced an upgraded version of TWS technology, TWS + (True Wireless Stereo Plus), which changed the transmission method of Bluetooth signals from serial to parallel and transmitted Bluetooth signals to the left and right earphone receivers through terminal devices. Further, reduce the transmission time between Bluetooth signals and solve the problem of delay. However, TWS + has much stricter requirements for headphone equipment and terminal equipment than traditional TWS technology, so it is very regrettable that JBL T280TWS has not adopted this technology.

Hardcore design :

Back to the JBL T280TWS earbud itself, in addition to TWS Bluetooth technology, the appearance of the T280TWS is also a very powerful part of this time. Unlike the split Bluetooth earbud, which mostly uses plastic as the main material on the market, this time T28TWS chose metal as the main material of the earbud storage box and carved the edges to make it look like a suitcase.

And this design also makes the T280TWS become the heaviest split Bluetooth earbud product in terms of overall weight, which is not suitable for carrying in the pocket of your clothes. But I have to say that the JBL T280TWS earbud storage box is the coolest I have ever seen.

After opening the storage box, the main body of the headset is exposed. Like the design style of the shell, the T280TWS earbud itself also uses a high-gloss cut shape and metallic spray paint, which is consistent with the design of the outer box. Different from the metal material of the case, although it looks very metallic, in fact, the body of the headset is made of plastic, which is very lightweight, and the wearing experience is good.

In addition, the inside of the storage box is also painted with a leather texture of plastic material. However, during use, I found that when the lid is opened and closed, friction between the internal plastic material and the headset body will occur. Over time, it will cause the headset body to wear. And paint off.

The magnetic contact part inside the storage box has a very good adsorption capacity for the earphone body, and there is no need to worry about the problem that the earphone will slip out of the box. However, the USB interface on the back is a bit outdated as a charging interface. If it is replaced by the popular Type-C interface, it will be more convenient for users to charge the headset when they are out.


JBL T280TWS uses an in-ear design, and a silicone fixing ring is added on the outer side, which can be more stable in the auricle. It also provides three different types of earplug silicone sleeves and auricle fixing silicone. The user replaces it according to his own situation.

I have to say that after changing the silicone sleeve that is suitable for my ear canal, it is very stable to wear, no matter how severe the shaking is, the headset does not fall off. However, there is a problem that JBL T280TWS penetrates into the ear canal more deeply, which causes my ears to feel a little bloated after wearing it for a long time.

As a split-type Bluetooth headset, JBL T280TWS also supports the touch-control operation of the headset part, but the gesture operation has been preset and does not support users to change it themselves, so users can only adapt. The specific packing operations are divided into the following types:

*Right ear double click-next song

*Left ear double-click-previous song

*Click anywhere on the left and right-pause / play

*Right ear hold-volume +

*Left ear hold—Volume-

*Standalone on either side of the left and right ears-answer / hang up

*Standalone on either side of the left and right ears-refusal

*Triple-click on left ear-Voice Assistant (Siri only)

*Four taps with right ear-Bluetooth re-pairing

Actual experience Although the overall operation experience is very good, the learning cost of the actual operation logic is relatively large. If the user does not read the manual, he will not know such a comprehensive gesture operation function, and does not support user-defined is also a big regret.

Clear Sound But Resistance of Surrounding Sound

JBL T280TWS has a built-in 8mm driver unit on the left and right sides, which is definitely a large-caliber unit in a split Bluetooth headset, so we are also looking forward to its sound quality.

After the actual test of several songs, I was really pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of JBL T280TWS. First of all, the restoration of the details is in place. Whether it is a Chinese song or an R & B song, the restoration of the details of the instrument and sound is very in place and has a good Dynamic range. Especially in the performance of the Hu Xia version of “You at the Same Table”, Hu Xia’s clear voice was perfectly restored, which once intoxicated me.

However, on R & B songs such as “Venom”, the sound is always missing a little charm, which is what we call tone dyeing. This makes the sound of T280TWS relatively flat. Although it can restore the original quality of the music, it is not tempting enough for me in terms of listening.

In addition, the sound quality effect of the JBL T280TWS can be said to be one of the best in the current split Bluetooth headset, and it is worthy of JBL. JBL T280TWS Bluetooth Earbud is definitely the hardest split Bluetooth headset product at present.

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