Pulse Oximeter Yuwel YX 102

US $25.78 US $28.00
Pulse Oximeter Yuwel YX 102
Pulse Oximeter Yuwel YX 102
US $25.78 US $28.00

Pulse oximeter finger clip YX102 detects your blood oxygen level and monitors your heart rate with its ultra-advanced algorithm to ensure a healthy life. Do you have any old family members in your house? If yes, then I guess you remain concerned most of the time! So, you might be able to realize how useful a pulse oximeter can be. The finger clip pulse oximeter gives pain and trouble-free traditional blood gas analysis.

Pulse Oximeter YX102 Yuwel Overview:

Yuwell has brought to market one of their best portable finger clip oximeter, YX102. It shows an accurate and reliable Pulse oxygen saturation display range up to 100%. And pulse rate up to 250bpm. Blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate are measured just with the touch of one button!

The LED softness and intimate brightness are really a treat for your eyes. Advance algorithm of powerful inner core present LED, CPU board, and Silica gel shading layer. Its two-color and 4-directional display make reading easy to view from different angles.

You’ll get an Unconfined measurement, just Clipping it onto your finger and pressing the button to turn it on to measure SpO2.

Its outstanding Silicone Gel design gives you an irritation-free aristocrat feeling. And of course, results for different skin colors are equally accurate.

The most important fact about this product is its small size and lightweight. Its tiny catchy white look will obviously attract you to have one for your family.

Furthermore, YX102 is a low power consumption with its 2x AAA battery and guaranteed long life.

Last but not least, you don’t have to turn it off manually. Yes! It’s smart enough to turn off automatically in 8 seconds after the finger is removed.

Yuwell YX102 is one of the handiest pieces of equipment not only for medical purposes but also for your home care, sports, and daily checkup.

Pulse Oximeter Yuwel YX102

Pulse Oximeter


  • Product model/name: YX102 finger clip pulse oximeter
  • Pulse oxygen saturation display range: 0%~100%
  • The pulse rate display range is: 25bpm~250bpm
  • Display mode: LED display
  • Power requirements: 2 1.5VAAA batteries (not included)
  • Degree of protection against ingress of liquid: IPX 1

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