Teracube 2e Best Budget Eco-Friendly Smartphone

Have you ever heard of an eco-friendly smartphone? Yes, Teracube2e is a sustainable and Eco-friendly smartphone that has been planned to make it different from other smartphones. We see hundreds of brands around us, but do they ever think about waste? No, they are after making new smartphones and new technologies. But how Teracube2e is different? Today we will discuss closely how it is different and why it should be at the top of our checklist?

Before going into deep research, we need to know about the motto of the manufacturer. They have planned to make such a smartphone that is equipped with modern technologies but sustainable. So, how did they do it? Very simple, they just changed to a method for their smartphone that made it eco-friendly. Firstly, the battery technology has been sent to the old days. Remember? Once we did change our battery and used the smartphone for more days? They have put the option to change the battery, use it for more days, and be easier to damage than most.

Here comes the most amazing thing that no other smartphone all over the world has done before. Teracube2e is made from biodegradable waste and used plastic! We never think about the plastic we have thrown away, but this smartphone comes with a sustainable method. May it be the beginning, as we start to use these products, this trend will make us more focused on recycling products. So, come on, we tell you about the best features you are waiting for.

Teracube 2e Amazing Features you will love

Teracube - The fast affordable smartphone with an environmental twist.

Now we will discuss the features of teracube2e. It is a fantastic smartphone that can beat any other contemporary phones around us. These days, we need a smartphone that has the most advanced technology. So, you will be thundered to know the teracube2e warranty is for 4 years! Is not that amazing? You do not need to think about it and enjoy the global warranty from them.

Teracube2e comes with 1.8 GHZ Octa-Core Processor, 64 GB ROM storage, 6.1 inches HD+ Display, and 13/8 MP dual cameras. These features are all similar to the latest smartphones. So, you should not be worried about it or take any hassles. It has a 4000 mah replaceable battery that you can change at any time. Even you can keep backup too.

The eco-friendly things we have already discussed before as the smartphone is made with recycled plastic and the battery is changeable to run for years. Compared to other smartphones, it has no failings and a shortage of technology that will make you stop buying it. You can enjoy teracube2e without hesitation and stress. Now we check the main features of it.

Key Feature:

  • It has a 1.8 GHZ Octa-Core processor.
  • 4GB RAM & 64 GB storage.
  • 13/8 MP Dual Camera & 8 MP Front Camera.
  • 6.1 inches HD+ Display.
  • 4000 mah replaceable battery.
  • Made with degradable plastic.
  • Headphone Jack.
  • USB-C port.
  • Separate Micro SD slot.


  • Faster operate.
  • Smooth navigation.
  • Additional charge backup.
  • Fine photo capture.
  • Large Storage.
  • Each Teracube2e phone comes with a biodegradable case, and screen protector.


  • The Charger Is Not Included.
  • Only Black Color.

Teracube - The fast affordable smartphone with an environmental twist.

What makes Teracube 2e eco-phone?

We have had a lot of discussion about Teracube 2e smartphone, but what makes it an eco-phone! Eco phone means ecologically friendly phones. Making it ecologically friendly adds some more issues. As we know that, this smartphone is made with 25% recycled polycarbonate materials. Additionally, this smartphone has a replaceable battery that can give additional life to this phone if you have an additional piece in your pocket. You can keep an extra battery to get connected; moreover, the facility will make this smartphone used for more days due to the battery changing feature.

What happens when we cannot change the battery, we change the phone to get more battery backup. So, due to the battery issue, you can use this phone for additional years. The manufacturer of Teracube, they have started to plant one tree against one sold unit of phone. In this way, they target millions of plants against sold phones.

Some more features make the teracube2e smartphone more sustainable. Smart cube reviews tell that the used storage is more optimized. There are also some more cube smart storage reviews, where it has been mentioned that it uses some optimized function to keep more files in it. It is one of the smart android cube that gives you more advanced functions.

Some common FAQ about Teracube2e:

As we had a detailed discussion about Teracube 2e smartphone, we will now discuss some common questions that will enrich you.

  • Which type of bands are supported by Teracube 2e smartphone?

Teracube2e generally supports all kinds of 2G and 3G bands. Additionally, it is supporting all 4G (LTE) bands available in different countries. It's gradually expanding all over the world and increasing its market.

  • How is the camera features of Teracube 2e ?

Teracube2e is equipped with a 13/8 MP dual camera to take excellent photos. It also has a dual rear camera setup (12+5 MP Samsung sensor) that will give more specific and smart pictures with this phone to ensure quality.

  • Which version of android Teracube runs?

As a stock phone, Teracube2e comes with a 9.0 pie that has been already upgraded to Android 10 in 2020. It will gradually upgrade with the latest android technology. As we all know, android phones update with time when the new updates are available. Teracube2e is compatible with all kinds of upgrades.

  • What is the main target of Teracube towards sustainability and reduction of e-waste?

Teracube plans to make present, and future phones last longer for the users. For that, they have given a more extended warranty and have more plans to repair and refurbish each phone again. There are also plans to use more degradable parts in this phone in the factory environment and plant trees against each phone's sale. In this way, they make it more sustainable.

Teracube is a new smartphone manufacturing company. Teracube2e can minimize plastic waste issues and give a sustainable environment in the smartphone industry.

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