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The Best Earbuds Features That Are Worth Your Money

When wireless earbuds were first introduced in the market, they were seen as a luxury for music lovers. They were expensive to buy, but the technology was only at its initial stage. Therefore, back then, we used to spend more money on less advanced features. However, with the advances of wireless technology today, one can now buy wireless earbuds even at a low price. But, when it comes to the matter of quality with that affordable price, you will often find yourself compromising with the quality you deserve if you can’t identify the key features of wireless earbuds.

The best wireless earbuds at an affordable price are not easy to find. To make the trade-off, between price and quality, less significant for you; here we wrote some useful key features of modern earbuds only for which you should pay if you are on a budget. But before that, let’s know the things you should remember while buying the best budget wireless earbuds.

4 Things To Remember As You Look For The Best Cheap Earbuds:

1. Price:

Price doesn’t necessarily always define a good product. Because a product with a high price doesn’t always mean that the product will be good/premium. Similarly, a product with a low price doesn’t mean that the product will be bad. Because of modern technology, there are many best budget wireless earbuds available that give decent features at relatively low prices.

2. Authenticity Check When Shopping Offline:

Make sure that you have double-checked whether the product is authentic or not, regardless of the brand you buy. If possible, check the sound quality of the earbuds before you buy them. Good new/old brands don’t mess with their sound quality too much, be it relatively cheap earbuds in their product line. Thus, you are expected to listen to flawless music with authentic brand products. The underlying fact is – although the cheap product belongs to a new brand, make sure the product is authentic to that brand. Because in the end, authenticity is what matters in determining quality.

3. Check Product Reviews When Shopping Online:

In case you are buying from an online marketplace like AliExpress, Amazon e.t.c, make sure to go through the customer product reviews before you order them. This will work as a proxy for looking into the real product before you actually bought it.

4. Know Your Priority:

As we have written earlier, today’s earbuds come with many attractive features. However, not all the features it offers are useful to everyone. So, before buying any, know which one/two feature(s) you want actually want. Only then take your decision based on it. If you don’t prioritize like this, you might end up paying for multiple features that you probably won’t ever use. Now that’s a really bad decision!

5 Features That You Can Avoid For Saving Cost :

Wireless earbuds in this modern time can come up with crazy designs and a bunch of features. But if you are a budget customer, don’t let these things confuse you. Before heading into the list of useful features of wireless earbuds that you should consider, let’s know the features that are not so worthy of your money if you are on a budget. Avoiding these will save you some cost for sure.

These are the 5 features you should avoid paying for if you are a budget customer:

1. Light-Weight Feature:

Many brands claim that their premium wireless earbuds are able to provide you with a lightweight feeling for your average commute or exercise session. But to be rational, this “lightweight” term is mostly used as a fancy marketing term rather than an actual feature. Because almost all modern wireless earbuds are lightweight. Therefore, it should not be considered as a key feature to consider.

2. Built-In Heart-Rate Sensor:

Heart rate sensors are an advanced instrument to measure your heart rate. At present many gadgets, i.e smartwatch, wireless earbuds, claim to provide accurate heart rate monitoring data with their built-in sensor. But the truth is that even the most expensive gadget can not provide you an accurate measure as a real heart rate monitor device gives.

3. Fake AirPods:

In reference to the point we wrote in the previous section, anything fake won’t last long. Yes, it is cool to have Apple’s AirPod because of its brand value among customers, but wanting to have the same at a low price can eventually prove costly. This cost comes from buying low-quality fake “AirPods” rather than buying an authentic product. Fake products won’t last long. This might sound obvious, but still many people buy such things and wind up losing money for short-term pleasure.

4. Auto-pause Smart Feature:

Some of the best earbuds can pause music automatically for you the moment you pull an earbud out of your ear. Many people can find this smart feature to be useful mainly because this feature allows them to save the battery power of earbuds a little bit more. But as you are on a budget, you will still be better off without this feature.

5. Smart Voice Assistant:

Using gadgets with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant has become a trend nowadays. Many people might find it useful whereas all others might not care. So this feature is more related to your personal choice. Having this feature as an “extra” is fine, but I think it should not be included in one’s priority list.

5 Key Features That’s Worth Your Money :

There are a few key features of wireless earbuds that will turn out to be very useful in your daily usage. That is not to say you will find all these features in a single product. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. But as we have mentioned earlier, you need to set your priority of features to stick with your budget.
Almost every best budget wireless earbuds will offer you one or more of these 5 features –

1. Dust-proof/Waterproof/Water-Resistant/Sweat Resistant Capabilities:

Today almost every gadget comes with dust-proof/waterproof/ water-resistant/Sweat Resistant features. Wireless earbuds are no exception. You will feel the convenience of it when you will be doing workouts or swimming or commuting on a rainy day. However, there is a certain degree of protection. Manufacturers follow IP Code, or Ingress Protection Code, IEC standard 60529 which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. At the time of writing this post, IPX8 is the highest rating of the degree of this type of protection. Although IPX5, IPX6, and IPX7 are lower rates in comparison to IPX8, these rates will give you a surety of protection probably more than what you will require. And the good news is that the best cheap earbuds come with one of these two ratings.

2. Noise Reduction Technology:

Noise cancellation or active noise reduction (ANR) is a technology for reducing unwanted external sound by the addition of a second sound wave that cancels the first. This feature is so popular that many people choose earbuds based on this feature alone.

3. Touch Controls:

In the past, only expensive models of wireless earbuds had control pads or buttons on the earpieces. But now you can find the same functionality in many cheap earbuds. The functionality includes – increase volume, skip a track, issue voice commands, or take phone calls.

4. Bluetooth Version:

Choosing the earbuds with the best Bluetooth version is surely worth buying. As Bluetooth connection stability is the main technology, your music experience depends much on this feature. The newer version gives you a wider range of coverage, faster transmission, signal stability to ensure continuous connection. At the time of writing this post, Bluetooth 5.0 version is the best Bluetooth version of wireless earbuds in the market. Although you can find many cheap Bluetooth earbuds with version 5.0 nowadays, earbuds that come with version 4.0 or higher will still be equally good with minor technical differences. Considering the price, the trade-off between these two versions is not pronounced.

5. Anti-fall Design:

Best earbuds for running comes with an anti-fall design, like extra flex hooks, which will prevent your earpiece from dropping out. These are the earphones for running that don’t fall out. This type of design is especially useful for those who regularly go for a morning walk or go to the gym. Because you can lose an earpiece anytime if it is loosely fitted into your ear and you won’t be able to notice when it pops out of your ear when you are in your unconscious mind. Not surprisingly, this has happened to many of us.

Where To Find The Best Cheap Earbuds :

As usual, we did all the searching for you. We made a list of the best earbuds below, including budget earbuds, that you will find in AliExpress. Also, you can check out our headphones & earbuds section.

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