Wireless Earbuds | Motorola VerveBuds 400 | Enjoy Best Quality Sound

US $44.78 US $124.40
Wireless Earbuds | Motorola VerveBuds 400 | Enjoy Best Quality Sound
Wireless Earbuds | Motorola VerveBuds 400 | Enjoy Best Quality Sound
US $44.78 US $124.40

    Wireless earbuds from Motorola VerveBuds 400 is built with MOTO Lisheng technology, engineered by 20 European and American acoustic engineers, to give you the feel of HiFi quality sound.

    Overview of Motorola VerveBuds 400 Wireless Earbuds :

    300 days of repeated tunning optimization by engineers, resulted in higher headset resolution and more non-disruptive sound quality. The effort resulted in richer sound details. More interestingly, VerveBuds 400 features personal assistant – Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant)

    Also, the production process ensures preciseness. Now the design is more closely suited to the human ear. Furthermore, high activity nano-silicon and shock absorbing buffering processes, with high noise reduction performance add to your overall music experience. 

    Another big feature of Motorola VerveBuds 400 is its IPX6 waterproof capability which means the earphone is waterproof, dustproof, and sweatproof. (but not waterproof steam). Therefore enjoy the rainy day with Motorola VerveBuds 400.

    The earbuds are equipped with a new Bluetooth 5.0 chip. This chip ensures low power consumption, a wider range of coverage further transmission, and stability in connection at the same time! 

    Lastly, other features that Motorola VerveBuds 400 supports are one click smart touch and button lithium battery ensuring long-term use.

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    Features of Motorola VerveBuds 400 TWS Earbuds :

    • Bluetooth V5.0 
    • Waterproof IPX6 
    • Up to 12 hours playtime with charging case 
    • Use either bud as a mono Bluetooth headset 
    • Full control on either bud 
    • Rich sound quality 
    • Smart voice assistant (works with Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant)

    What is in the Box :

    • Earphone  2
    • Earplugs 3
    • Charger box 1
    • Data cable 1
    • Manual 1
    • Packing box 1
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